We're Boned....

February 20, 2009

Well we are boned...

VANOC/IIHF released the official hockey schedule today, and its not to our benefit. The six Team Canada games we had are now down to one, as they've pushed most of the Team Canada games to a 4:30 PT start so that they're afternoon starts on the east coast.


I suppose I should have expected this, but its still not cool at all.

So, with the schedule now 'official' we're at:
Day 2 - Women's - Canada vs Slovakia
Day 4 - Women's - Sweden vs. Slovakia
Day 5 - Men's - USA vs. Switzerland
Day 6 - Women's - Slovakia vs. Switzerland
Day 7 - Men's - USA vs. Norway
Day 10 - Men's - Russia vs. Czech Republic

The first and last are still decent, and we should be able to move the two USA Men's games....but what I'm gonna do with 4 tickets to the Women's SVK-SWI game....I have no friggin' idea....


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