One Year Countdown...

February 13, 2009

Well as of today, there is less than one year to go till the Olympics. Kinda weird to think that in 365 days, Pammers and I will already be out there, gearing up for our first event....Women's Hockey - Canada vs. Slovakia.

We're currently starting to feel out what the marketplace is like in terms of places to stay. I'm going to be putting in an application for the YWCA across the street from GM Place, and apparently Ben has a line on a house we might be able to get. I'd really prefer to do the whole house thing I think, but having other plans is never a bad thing.

One year out, there has been a lot of talk about the 'Own The Podium' program, and what Canada's chances are of topping the medal podium out there. Although Canada has been totally kicking ass on the World Cup this winter (30 Medals this past weekend alone) I think that actually beating EVERYONE might be a little ambitious. Though, just today Canada swept the podium in Men's Aerials for the 2nd time this who knows what is possible?

Now this is obviously a long shot, but what'd be just this side of amazing is, that with the Men's Gold Medal game being on the last day of the Games, if Canada went into the games tied with someone for the overall lead....needing the Win and Gold Medal to put us at the top. Canada winning gold in hockey AND getting the overall medal lead all at once?


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