Phase II End

July 29, 2009

Got an e-mail from VANOC yesterday stating that they'd be closing down Phase II Ticket Sales on Friday (July 31st). That means of course that they're going to be doing the Seat Assignment over the next month of so.

Surprisingly, I think my biggest worry is about having seats that are 'Too Good'. We splurged on a number of events, picking up 'A' level seating, especially Hockey games. My issue is that at hockey games I don't like being in probably the first 10 rows or get no perspective on what is going on. Now, because those would be the really high-falutin' seats, hopefully thats where they're sticking they are putting the 'Olympic Family'.

Either way, I'm really hoping for a bit of luck on this one, hopefully we can get some pretty bitching seats.


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