More Tickets!

April 8, 2009

Well I'm now officially a felon. I participated in the illegal adventure that is ticket scalping. Actually, Pam and I bought a pair of tickets off that hardly counts.

Tickets for the Women's hockey games seem to be fairly we picked up a pair of tickets to the Canada vs. Sweden Women's game on Day 6 for $132 US a piece. I mean, thats certainly more than the $25 face value. But I will pay $150 CAD for one more Team Canada Olympic Hockey Game.

Another Canada Hockey Game...

I'm a just the slightest bit iffy on the fact that we went through StubHub, given VANOCs threats to invalidate tickets on the re-sale market. However, I figure that its mostly bluster, as actually tracking down and invalidating tickets is a pretty unrealistic endeavor.

Its also a bit of a bitch that we had to pay extra to get this game, as had VANOC not switched the schedule...we would have already had tickets to this one.


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